CAP debt centre

The CAP Debt Centre is a ministry to individuals who find themselves in unmanageable debt for whatever reason. Our Debt Centre employs Samantha Wolstencroft as Centre Manager; she manages a caseload of clients who have been referred from many sources throughout Bolton. Sam visits the client in their own home, accompanied by a church volunteer support worker. She helps to gather up the appropriate paperwork evidence of the client's true financial position, and then passes the information to the charity's Head Office in Bradford. The caseworkers there prepare a budget which is realistic and effective in managing the situation. CAP do not pay off the client's debts but rather enable them to repay their debts within a manageable time frame, or to go through insolvency if that is appropriate This is a tough time for our clients and as a church we seek to support them through this difficult patch. We seek to show God's love in action by providing excellent help at no cost to the client, by telling them that God loves and cares for them and by giving clients the opportunity to respond to the good news about Jesus.

To contact us

Sam is on 07934 716509.

To make an appointment ring CAP on 0800 328 0006


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