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Welcome to Good News for Romania




Good News For Romania’s (GNFR) priority is to help children and families of Barlad. The main aim of the charity is to give support to the families and children of the town by providing them with food, new clothing, financial support, vitamins, camping holidays, and school equipment so that they can attend school. Our hope is that through the children attending school and gaining qualifications, they will be able to have a better future and perhaps help their families out of the difficult situations they find themselves in at the moment. These families and street children are very grateful for all the help that they receive and these are some of their words: “How wonderful to know that people think of us and care, God Bless them all!” Your help is still needed. Thank you for everything, we couldnt do it without your help.


The work of GNfR has continued despite lockdown/COVID-19. Click here for details.



Good News For Romania is run by Kath and Dave Richardson who are members of St Peters fellowship.

You can contact Dave and Kath by email : davidandkath@hotmail.com