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At St. Peter’s we believe that we are called to be part of God’s work of transformation in our town.

Our mission is to make God’s love real to the people on our frontlines, parish and town. We live in a rapidly changing and uncertain world, where we have less time and more responsibilities competing for our attention.

Over the last few months we have been thinking about what sort of church we need to be to meet such demands. Through a series of consultations we have produced our vision document, which sets out our approach to mission and ministry at St. Peter’s for the next few years. It is a vision for the whole parish, to be worked out in each of our churches, as well as showing us projects that we can share across the parish.

Part of our vision is to look at our buildings. While the church is of course the people of God, our buildings are important as they provide a focus for our worship, a base for our mission, and a venue in which we can offer love and hospitality to our local community.

Our church should not appear to be a dead, ancient monument but should be a place of life, forming the centre of our local community. It should not only be used for our worship, but also as a venue for the us to engage with our local community to eat, drink and chat while forging new relationships. A place where we can introduce non-believers to our God, and allow them to experience His love through His people.

You will find more about our transforming vision for our church and ministry in these pages.

I’m really excited by what God is calling us to do at St Peter’s, and I hope that you will be too!!


Revd. Canon Paul Hardingham, Vicar


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