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John Bell, Sam's brother-in-law (pictured left) ran 10k for 10 days to raise money for our CAP Centre.  Here he is on day one, having chosen a glorious week to cover the kilos.  We now know he achieved a fabulous average speed of 59 minutes per run. We thank him for going the extra mile and helping to raise money for our CAP Centre!  Our current total is now  £1265.76

Some people are using the enforced Lockdown to climb Virtual Mountains!  Why not have a go at one of the ones listed on the photo?

Our Centre Manager, Sam, managed Scafell Pike in a fortnight in November by running 30 times up and down the stairs each day. She has now made this part of her daily routine and has climbed it 3 times more since!  All good practice for the real thing in Spring!

Amanda Harrison, Sam's sister (pictured on the left) has climbed the stairs to Everest (and back!) in 2 months! She embarked on it in early November; by December 1st she wrote Exactly half way. I guess that means I’m at the top of the world.

On 31st Dec she sent us a photo with the words Everest conquered (kind of!).

We thank her for putting in the steps and helping to raise money for our CAP Centre!  Our current total is...£614.65

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If you would like to join in and climb a virtual mountain, click the icon to see how many steps / flights of stairs you need do.

Currently Hilary Lee is cycling to Everest on her bike to raise funds for Christians Against Poverty as part of our Climb any Mountain Challenge. Hilary is a THIRD of the way there! Please give her a wave if you see her, and consider sponsoring her by donating to the 'Climb Any Mountain Challenge'.

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