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In these difficult times we are not held back by our buildings, which are all closed until further notice, but we reach out to all those affected by COVID-19.
We encourage all to look out for each other, particularly those who are vulnerable or self-isolating, and to seek support where necessary.

Please contact us if you need help, prayer or just someone to chat with.

If you have any prayer needs then please email: pray@stpetersparish.info where a small group of folk commit to pray for you in complete confidence.

You may also contact us by email office@stpetersparish.info or by telephone 0800 9540 781.

Weekly information sheet

Sunday Live

We welcome you to join our Sunday service live online.

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Christians Against Poverty

During these difficult times our finances can be affected and we may feel alone. CAP Centre (Bolton North) is based at St. Peter's Parish Centre and the team are available and ready to listen and, where possible, help you with your budget and help you break free from debt. Click here for more details.

To find out more about our new CAP challenge Climb Any Mountain, please click on the image.

If you would like to watch Sam explain the Climb Any Mountain Challenge feel free to click on the icon.

Click on this icon to read the '10th Anniversary Booklet' for our CAP Centre 

To give towards the Climb Any Mountain Challenge click here

Christmas Dinner on Jesus

As a church we are supporting Christmas Dinner on Jesus once more. This year we are simply collecting funds to purchase 1000 jars of cranberry sauce. If you would like to make a donation please click on the icon. For more details about Christmas Dinner on Jesus click here.

Children, Young People and LIGHThouse

loads of stuff for young people

If you're missing being at LIGHThouse,
please click the icon for the latest video.
And if you would like to catch up on our previous videos please click here.

Youth Work

Youth Instagram 

To find out more about what is going on at St Peter's Youth click here.

Kick Start

This is a new community group which offers a space where you can begin to unload with others on how lockdown has affected you. You can attend once, or come back as many times as you'd like.  Everyone welcome.

Click the icon for a brief video with more details on how you can join in.

National and International Ministries

Over the years as a Parish we have either got alongside, or sent out people on mission, some of whom are still on mission proclaiming the Gospel. For information click here.

If you would like to see how we are helping the vulnerable in India by providing them with education, please click the icon.

To find out more about how we support the Shepherd Society, please click the icon.

To find out what Urban Outreach do in the Bolton area, please click the icon.

Neighbourhood Church

We are running 'Neighbourhood Church' which brings people together in their local area, so we can support each other through these difficult times.

More info on Neighbourhood Church


Join with us in daily prayer.

It takes only a moment to pray with us, and thousands of others.

pray with us now - Church of England resource,

Pray with us at 7:14 - UNITE714 initiative

If you have any specific prayer needs then please e-mail:

pray@stpetersparish.info where a small group of people commit to pray for you in complete confidence.

We have prepared a prayer trail for you to use to pray as you walk around the churchyard. You can read this guide on a smartphone or iPad, or print a copy at home. A small number of printed copies are available at the Parish Centre if neither of those options is possible for you. It is all outdoors, so why not arrange to meet up with a friend to pray together?

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