If you are enquiring or wanting to explore baptism for your baby/child then the first step you need to take is come to some of our Sunday services. We do understand that, especially with babies or young children, coming to church for the 1st time may feel like a daunting experience. But we would love to see you and get to know you and there are many other parents with young children who come to our churches across the parish. 

We hope that by coming and being part of one of our churches, you and your family will discover and worship God, and grow in your relationship with Him! That’s why we encourage families wanting their baby/child to be baptised to come to church. Because in baptism you are making promises that you are a Christian and you are promising that you will help your baby/child to grow in their Christian faith until they are old enough to make the decision to be a Christian for themselves. Coming to church will help you in your journey of faith together as a family.

Dont forget to check whether you live nearer to another Anglican church when thinking about baptism. It may be that there might be a church nearer to you which will be just as welcoming and friendly to accepting you and your family as St Peters. The Church of England strongly recommends that you should have your child baptised in the parish you live in. If you are unsure what parish you live in, then please give us a call and we will help you to find out what parish you live in. 

If you live in our parish, have started worshipping with us and you are committed to helping your child begin their journey of faith with you in baptism, the next step would then be for you to speak to Karen in the office or Vinny who would take some details from you and Vinny and a member of the baptism team would arrange to visit you.

For all baptism families; our baptism team also run Baptism START Courses, which is a great opportunity to explore the Christian faith with others in a safe environment and an opportunity to get to know other young families who come to church.

Our baptisms take place during our main Sunday services across the parish so that we can welcome you and your family into our church community. This does mean however that we can only do baptisms on particular Sundays.

If you are unsure whether baptism is right for you and your child at the moment, we do also offer thanksgiving services where we invite you and your family to the front of church and we thank God for the gift of your child, but where you don’t have to make promises which you are unable to keep. If you would like to enquire a thanksgiving service for your child then please do speak to Karen or Vinny.

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