Cafe Church at the Parish Centre

Cafe Church is exploring new ways of meeting together as Christians as an alternative to traditional church services. We meet to share food, share stories and share Jesus each month, once on a Sunday morning and once on a Saturday evening. We are part of St Peter's Church, Halliwell.

We meet once a month at St Peter's Parish Centre from 11.00am - 12.30pm, starting with free bacon barms, toast and fruit. We'll be thinking about how God invites us to call him Father. There will be a warm welcome and something to think about whoever you are, whatever your age.  The next meeting is on Sunday 8th November.

Then once a month on a Saturday we'll meet again for a family meal, 5pm to 7pm, again at St Peter's Parish Centre. A chance to get to know each other better as we eat together and talk over our questions and experience.  The next meal is on Sunday 30th November.

For more information contact: or the Parish Office on 599900


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