Neighbourhood Church

While we are not able to meet together at the moment, we are still seeking ways to connect and keep sharing life as we follow Jesus together.  As well as Zoom church services and other ways to connect centrally, we have also set up a network of small, local groups.  We are calling this Neighbourhood Church

Neighbourhood Church groups are spaces to connect with other Christians who live nearby – through email, phone calls, WhatsApp, or whatever works for you.  Through these groups we can keep in touch, pray for one another, share encouragements, and offer practical support where needed.  These are spaces to live out our Christian faith together – scattered but still standing together.



From one group ......We email or telephone everyone every week-10days just to ask how they are and the response has been good... all seem to appreciate the fact that we are just there!
We are getting to know people we didn’t know, reconnecting with people we had lost touch with and in touch more with those we know well (Kath)



And from another group....We support each other with prayer and shopping etc as necessary and had a Zoom catch-up to meet each other face-to-face a few weeks ago. We hosted a Zoom Quiz night for church last night where different people planned a round of questions each and had lots of fun. When lockdown is over we are planning to have lunch together to cement the friendships we have been building virtually. (Rachel)


If you would like to be part of your local Neighbourhood Church group then please contact the Parish Office ( or 0800 9540 781).

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