Neighbourhood Church

Our Archbishops have pointed out that although we are no longer able to meet together as churches, the Church of England has far from ‘shut up shop’.  One of the ways that we hope to do this in St. Peter’s Parish is through connecting our regular members together into local groups that we are calling ‘Neighbourhood Church’.  We hope that through this we will be able to encourage and enable people to support one another locally – practically, prayerfully, and as communities (by phone or other means for those who need to be physically isolated).

We have asked a number of our leaders to be co-ordinitators for these new geographical groupings.

If your name is on our electoral roll, and wherever you live, one of out local co-ordinators will be getting in touch with you.

 Depending on who is in your group you might like to set up a Whats app group, an email group, or just share landline numbers if that is best.  If we have no phone or email contact then we may just drop a note through your door.

The idea is that once the Neighbourhood Church group has made contact with one another we hope the group will take responsibility for one another.  The members of your group can let others in your group know if they need any practical help, such as getting shopping or other essentials (if they are isolating), and also prayer and emotional support – being able to phone one another to talk and pray together if that is helpful.  None of us know how this situation will continue to develop, but we can stand together in friendship and love – even if we are not able to leave our houses!

Once your group has made contact with one another it might be that you reach out to other nearby neighbours or friends to offer them support too (particularly if you are aware of anyone who is isolated or vulnerable).

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